Sol Invictus


“Lion Heart of Love-Wisdom”




From the Point of Light within

the Mind of God,

Let Light stream forth into the

Minds of Men (Humanity),

Let Light Descend on Earth


From the Point of Love within the

Heart of God,

Let Love stream forth into the

Hearts of Men (Humanity),

May Christ (the Coming One)

return to Earth.


From the Center where the

Will of God is known,

Let Purpose guide the little

wills of Men (Human WILL),

The Purpose which the Master

knows and serves.


From the Center which we call the

Race of Men (Humanity),

Let the Plan of Love and Light

work out,

And may it seal the door

where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power

restore the Plan on Earth.

OM     OM     OM

The Great Invocation does not belong to any person or group but to all Humanity.  The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in its expression of certain central Truths which all people, innately and normally, accept: the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth, called by Christians, the Christ, and embodied that Love so that we could understand; the truth that both Love and Intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God; and finally the self-evident truth that only through humanity itself can the Divine Plan work out.” 

The Problems of Humanity, 166

Authored by Master D.K. through Alice Bailey

PURPOSE:  This is a “living” website inspired by the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

Invocative images, sacred text, inspiring music and educational content of the highest order alchemically combine opening portals into the Sacred and the living world of the Soul. Enter the portal often … contemplate the Sacred … be transported by the Self - to the Self, the God Within.

Living a ‘sanctified life leads to a sanctified world’ through the radiant emissions of the Soul.


Interlude 8

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                       The Gayatri

O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe!

From Whom all things proceed,

And To Whom all things return.

Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun,

Hidden by a disc of golden light,

That we may know the Truth

And do our whole duty

As we journey to Thy Sacred Feet (Fire).

“More Radiant than the sun,

Purer than the snow,

Subtler than the ether is the Self,

The Spirit within my Heart.

I am that Self,

That Self am I”

“.....A Heart as pure as crystal,

A Mind as luminous as the Sun,

A Soul as vast as the Universe,

A Spirit as powerful as God

and ONE with God”

(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

“I am as God

created Me”

“This single thought, held firmly in mind,

would save the world.”

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Mantrams, Prayers and Invocations


“O Thou in Whom we Live, Move and Have our Being,

The Power That can make all Things New,

Give of Thine Abundance,

of Vision and Insight,

of Health and Vitality and

of all the Resources necessary, both spiritual and material that Thy Holy Work be done

Fulfilling the Great Opportunities of the Present Time....

In Trust and Faith, we Give Thanks.”


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Sol Invictus  Universalis

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“The Seven Rays are the sevenfold expressions of the Cosmic Christ, the second Person of the Trinity.”                                             (EP-I, 119)


The Divine Psyche/SOUL

“O Hidden Life vibrant in every atom,

O Hidden Light shining in every creature,

O Hidden Love embracing all in Oneness,

Let each who feels One with Thee,

Know He is One with Every Other.”