As steady progress is made penetrating the eternal Mysteries, one is led ever forward into the greater Lights of Illumination and the Love that “bears all on the path of return” to the Mother’s/Father’s bosom, “perfecting all that is.”

At the turn of the last century, a spiritual Master known by His Disciples as Master Djwhal Khul (or simply D.K.), offered a series of teachings for the advancement of Humanity into the next millennium and the age of Aquarius that is succeeding the age of Pisces, now ending.  The 7 Newer Truths are drawn from His books and represent the “newer teachings” serving to unfold “the Way” ahead and “the Plan” known to the Elders of our Race.

Students reading the Alice A. Bailey books often refer to them as the “blue books”.  Of the 24 blue books in print, 19 of them were telepathically communicated to Alice Bailey by the Master Djwhal Khul (DK) Who remains the true author.  Serving as His amanuensis, Alice Bailey wrote down His words as she heard them in her mind.  Alice Bailey herself authored 5 books which are easily distinguishable in tone and complexity from those of the Master DK.  See the column on the left for the complete listing.

The spiritual teachings found within these books were given out to meet the demands and needs of the modern Disciple possessing a western trained mind. In the ancient  teachings of The Buddha and The Christ, east meets west, blending and advancing the ernest student forward into the new light of the new millennium.

The three modes of progress for a Disciple - spiritual study, meditation and service - are uncovered and deepened through these studies. 

The Esoteric Christian, the western trained Buddhist, the modern metaphysician, seekers after greater “Truth”, those who want “more” than their current spiritual tradition can provide, and all who are forging ahead upon “the Lighted Way” will herein find a firm hand of guidance and illumination.  The AB (DK) teachings are a profound guide on the return journey “home” offering a comprehensive spiritual philosophy of the cosmos, earth’s and humanity’s ancient origins, training in the new Discipleship, meditations for the unfoldment of Consciousness, and a scientific Path that transcends traditional religion but is not exclusive of it. The mystic and spiritual scientist are embraced as a living whole.

19 Books authored by Djwhal Khul:

Destiny of the Nations

Discipleship in the New Age - Vol I

Discipleship in the New Age - Vol II

Education in the New Age

Externalization of the Hierarchy

Glamour, A World Problem

Initiation Human and Solar

Letters on Occult Meditation

Light of the Soul

Problems of Humanity

Reappearance of the Christ

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

A Treatise on White Magic

A Treatise on the Seven Rays:

    Esoteric Psychology - Vol I

    Esoteric Psychology - Vol II

    Esoteric Astrology

    Esoteric Healing

    The Rays and Initiations

5 Books authored by Alice Bailey:

The Consciousness of the Atom

The Soul and Its Mechanism

From Intellect to Intuition

From Bethlehem to Calvary

The Unfinished Autobiography

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